COVID Policy


The Summer Holiday Club will cater to maximum 55 children, divided into 3 groups and taking place outdoors wherever possible. Limited sessions will be located in the school hall, with all the doors and windows open and numbers limited to max 16 children and 3 adults. If the weather makes it impossible to operate outdoors, we will use several spaces indoors, keeping groups separate.

There is now no official guidance for managing COVID 19 for out-of-school settings, but we still consider this to be a serious virus, which causes huge disruption for families and individuals quite aside from the potential health risks. For this reason, we ask that you are really attentive to any potential symptoms. In particular – if your child has a temperature, a new cough or sore throat or has been throwing up, please do not bring them to the garden. You can find out about other symptoms here.

PLEASE PACK A LABELLED WATER BOTTLE for your child. We will provide water to top up.

PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME TO DROP OFF AND COLLECT YOUR CHILD. You will be met at the gate by one of our team, only children and the Holiday Club team should continue beyond the gate into the garden.


Tools and equipment sharing

The sharing of tools, equipment, gloves etc. will be strongly discouraged due to the risk of transmission of COVID-19.  All necessary equipment will be provided and any onsite tools will be disinfected after each use.

Food and drink

Participants are asked to bring their own (labelled) water bottle, we will have a supply from which to refill. Individual lunches will be provided for children with disposable (compostable) containers and cutlery and all waste will be removed at the end of each day.

Hand hygiene

Visitors to the site must not forget the importance of handwashing before leaving home to travel to the site, and handwashing as soon as they return home. Handwashing/sanitising facilities are also available on site, but we are not able to provide hot water.

Cleaning and sanitising

Our team will be regularly cleaning and sanitising any communal or frequently used areas e.g. taps and gates. Our compost toilet will be regularly sanitised.

Travel to site

We encourage you to travel to the site via active travel methods such as walking or cycling, or in your own car and only with members of your own household.   We advise you to think carefully before using public transport for travel to the site.

Disabled people and children and young people

We want the garden to be available to as many people as possible during this difficult time.  If you have any access requirements or need any assistance, please contact us.