Information for Facilitators

Dear Facilitators,

Thank you so much for being a part of our Holiday Club. We thought it would be helpful to gather all the relevant information in one place for you so you feel nice and prepared! If there is anything else you need, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

This Holiday Club is funded by the Holiday Activities and Food Programme (HAF) and all the children attending will be given a free healthy lunch with information/ideas about how to continue their learning/exploring about food at home. We hope that this experience will expand their ideas about food, growing, communities and their relationship with the land, so that in future they will understand that good food should be a right not a privilege. We hope they will start to see how food ties their bodies into the environment, so that approaching issues like climate change begins inside them.


As a workshop facilitator, your role is to devise and guide the activities of the children during your time on site. You will be supported throughout by a member of the Locavore Growing Project team, but they will follow your lead. Please aim to arrive by 9.45am and stay until the end (2pm). This is because – even if the ‘activities’ have finished, we want the children to be engaged for each full session and to have the space and time t o discuss and process their experiences. We ask that you stay on site throughout this time, but there will be moments for rest and reflection for everyone during break and lunchtimes.

Please familiarise yourself with our safeguarding and health&safety policies, as well as the site risk assessment. Please ensure your activities work alongside them. If you feel there is any conflict or items that we need to cover to enable your session to run smoothly, please let us know a.s.a.p.

We need to record some information for our risk assessment, this will only be held for the duration of the Holiday Club:


We are taking the rising numbers and the new variant extremely seriously. We want to keep all of you and the children safe, so please respect our precautionary measures and help us to maintain them.

The children will be split into 3 groups which will remain the same throughout the 4 days and we will do our best to keep these groups separate from one another.

We ask that you all wear a face covering at all times during the holiday club. We will supply disposable masks and visors, as well as sturdy gloves. Whilst we would normally encourage sociability between facilitators, on this occasion we have to ask you to not risk transmission by gathering during breaks etc. When you are working with or talking to other adults, please be careful to maintain a physical distance of at least 2 metres.

Finally please conduct at least two lateral flow tests before the beginning of the club, with the last one within 12 hours of the Monday morning session and photograph the test to share to this whatsapp group: – the Locavore team will do the same. If possible, test every day of the club – we will have some spare tests on site


Your point of contact will be Cherry – 07912039402. She will be on site for the entire holiday club and will keep track of everything. She will manage sign-in/out sheets, the log book (for anything that needs recording – safeguarding concerns, first aid, health and safety notes etc) and general site safety.

All the sessions will be book-ended by a check-in/check-out session led by Rebecca, Char or Cherry to give the children consistency and a sense of the space being held safely for them. You will be introduced during the check-in and we encourage you to outline your activities for the children at this point.

Our designated safeguarding lead is Charlene – . If you have any questions or concerns, you can discuss them with her. Our safeguarding policy is here.

If you need any further support, feel free to call Cherry on 07912039402 or drop us an email – .

You are required to have an up-to-date DBS check, if you have not already done so, please show us a copy of yours.


We will be cooking a hot, vegetarian meal every day for children and facilitators. Eating together and chatting about how food is made is an important part of the day for us, so we encourage you to join this. If you have any allergies etc, please let us know.

There are facilities for making hot drinks, with tea, coffee and oat milk – feel free to bring any other drinks. We will make hot drinks before 10am and during breaks.


We have a composting toilet on site and a shed where you can store coats/bags etc. We have access to the school building if you need additional security/privacy.


If you have any children with additional needs in your session(s), we will let you know in advance and discuss what measures we are putting in place to support them. You will not be left solely responsible for managing additional needs and where 1to1 support is needed, we are ensuring that this is put in place additionally so that the Locavore team will be available to support the general running of the session.


9.30-9.45am facilitators arrive (there will be someone on site from 9.30am every morning)

10amArrival/registration of children
10.15Check-in in groups, snacks
10.30Activity time
12.45Activity time
13.45Check out in groups
14.00PICK UP

There is a detailed version of the schedule, with specific information for each person here:


We understand that you might want to take photographs during your sessions and we encourage you to do so. However, a few of the families booked in are not comfortable with photos being taken and/or shared. The Locavore team will have this information with the sign-in sheet. Please check this before taking any photos and be careful to respect it. If in doubt, forward photos to us before sharing. And please tag us in any social media! @customfoodlab @locavoregrowingproject


Please address invoices to CUSTOM FOOD LAB and email them to us at after your session(s). We will process them as quickly as possible (Cherry generally has one admin/accounts day each week).


The Locavore Community Garden is located within the grounds of Martello Primary School – the entrance is right at the top of Warren Way (CT19 6DT). We are currently devising the most secure and COVID-safe plan for drop-off and pick-up, so please watch this space for updates.